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As a member of the assigned Cell, oversees entire product line through ongoing assessment and development of products, pricing and go-to-market position to deliver superior customer satisfaction while simultaneously providing long-term value for the company. Works closely within the Cell and with Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Operations personnel for all product-release issues. Coordinate and assist with all installation-related functions/issues with the portfolio that she/he oversees.


Duties and Responsibilities

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Assist the sales team (and distributors, if applicable) with questions and product information.
  • Collect marketing information, including competitive benchmarks, trends and opportunities and customer expectations.
  • Manage the Cell budget and help achieve company and cell KPI’s
  • Comply and assist with all requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Assist marketing in setting up tradeshow and photographs product literature.

Strategic Responsibilities:

  • Product Line Marketing:
  • Development and maintenance of sales channels and competitive strategies
  • Current market information
  • Key market positioning
  • Rolling product plan
  • Rolling sales forecast
  • Sales and gross profit margin history
  • Pricing
  • Market share
  • Product life cycle plans and product end-of-life planning

Customer focus:

  • Maintain regular contact with the customer base, end-user and reseller, through e-mail, telephone calls, in-person visits and surveys to assess levels of “customer experience” satisfaction and to identify emerging needs.
  • Assist in resolving customer complaints by investigating problems, developing solutions and making recommendations to management when necessary.


Initiate and participate in related marketing communication activities:

Web site:

  • Catalogs/brochures
  • Product releases
  • Advertisement creation and placement, as needed
  • Presentations
  • Promotions
  • Trade show selection and coordination, as needed

New product development:

  • With keen end-user focus, identify concepts for new products to meet existing or anticipated market needs
  • Complete project business case documents
  • Determine and document product specifications required
  • Plan, develop and communicate strategy for product launch and initial forecast
  • Track, sales costs and margin and effects on existing product line revenues
  • Conduct continued product promotion

Sales team support:

  • Joint sales calls to key accounts
  • Proposal/bid development assistance
  • Regularly develop and conduct product, market and application training

Monitor competitors’ actions:

  • Maintain awareness of the competition and other market forces affecting the product line, through networking and mainstream research
  • Provide timely competitive information and product comparisons to sales, marketing and engineering teams
  • Assist in special projects and/or perform additional duties that are assigned by management.
  • Demonstrate and encourage a cooperative and congenial working relationship, within and outside the company


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