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Samsung ELD Bundle

We have teamed up with our partners Synnex and Samsung to provide you a low cost solution that is easy to understand and complement with the ELD mandate.
* Available in US only



Fully articulating all access ergonomic mount for easy adjustments.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 Docking Station

Light weight docking station with charging capabilities to keep you connected.



Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 tablet with a WIFI or LTE solution. Compatible with all Android ELD packages.


Get compliant with the ELD Mandate

We’ve teamed up with Samsung and Synnex to provide a cost effective solution that supports fleets in their pursuit of compliant ELD products. This solution will meet the rigorous demands of the drivers who are on the road day in and day out.

The ELD mandate states that drivers required to maintain records of duty status (RODS) use electronic logging devices. This helps to create a safer driving environment. Gamber-Johnson’s logistic products bundled with the Samsung Tab Active 2 tablet offer a safe and ergonomic solution designed with driver safety in mind. Our mounts are easy to install and provide a sturdy platform for your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2.

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Synnex SKU Description
Galaxy Tab Active2 (Wifi) with dock and ball mount Purchase Now
Galaxy Tab Active2 LTE (Unlocked) with dock and ball mount Purchase Now

If you do not have a Synnex account, contact your sales representative below:

Commercial Sales
East Coast: 800-456-4822
West Coast: 800-756-9888