Lind 11-16V Automobile Power Adapter for Zebra ET50/55

Shipping - An order of 25 or less usually ships in 3 days

For use with docking stations and powered cradles for Zebra ET 50/55.

For use with the following:

Compatible docking stations and cradles

Zebra ET50/55 Tablet
7160-0860-00 - 10"Dock Full Port Replication with RS232
7160-0861-00 - 8" Dock Full Port Replication with RS232
7160-0818-04 - 10" Powered Cradle
7160-0819-04 - 8" Powered Cradle


Rugged Design:

The rugged design of the Lind power adapters makes them ideally suited for use in harsh mobile environments. The adapter electronics are protected by a rugged aluminum housing which is filled and sealed with epoxy that protects the electronics from damage due to shock, vibration, and spilled liquids.


1.01 lbs (0.46 kg)

Dimensions (H, W, D):

1.2” (3.0 cm) x 2.5” (6.35 cm) x 5.15“ (13.08 cm)


  • Full continuous rated power output.
  • Sealed and potted in aluminum extrusions for the harshest operating environments.
  • Input voltage: 11-16 Vdc
  • Output voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Output current: 3.5 amps
  • Operates in temperatures from -40°to +104°F (-40° to +40°C)