Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (2014+) console box, cup holder, vertical surface mount and hardware kit

Shipping - An order of 25 or less usually ships in 3 days

Kit includes:

  • Console box (item no. 7160-0521-01)
  • Cup holder (item no. 7160-0846) 
  • Vertical surface mount (item no. 14593)
  • Hardware bag (item no. 7120-0539)

Note: Only the accessories listed above are included in the kit and may require assembly. Items such as control heads, radios, docking stations, motion attachments, computers, toggle switch plates, and locking pocket shown in photos are not included.  ​


On top of transmission hump

Seat configuration:



No - Attaches to transmission hump


22.0 lbs. / 9.98 kg


Height: 8.5" / 21.6 cm
Width: 9.75" / 24.8 cm
Depth: 29.6" / 75.2 cm

Interior Depth: 14.5" / 36.8 cm
Lower Height: 4.28" / 10.87 cm


  • Heavy gauge steel, fully welded construction for long-term durability.
  • Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Low profile no-drill vehicle specific console for the Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV).
  • Attaches directly to the Chevy Caprice PPV without the need to order a separate top plate. Four fasteners for mounting the console allow for easy installation.
  • Horizontal, low profile section accommodates 14.5” of mounting space without an internal cup holder (or 10.0” with an internal cup holder) and is designed to house radio control heads and accessories. The included cup holder uses 4.5" (11.43 cm) of that space.
  • Vertical, angled section accommodates 3” of mounting space and is designed to house full sized devices.
  • Box will ship fully assembled (except for accessories).
  • Includes blank filler panels and faceplates that require assembly.
  • Computer can be center mounted in two locations: off-set towards the passenger on the “smiley face pattern” or on the 3-bolt pattern closer to the driver for easy articulation access.
  • Must order as is. There are no substitutions for accessories. Accessories may need to be assembled.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.