Lind 72-110V Material Handling Isolated Power Adapter for Getac

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Power your computer. The adapter is designed to power your computer and charge its internal battery from a DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as required by the computer.

Rugged design:

The rugged design of the Lind power adapters makes them ideally suited for use in harsh mobile environments. The adapter electronics are protected by a rugged aluminum housing which is filled and sealed with epoxy that protects the electronics from damage due to shock, vibration, and spilled liquids.


1.6 lbs (0.74 kg)


1.15” (2.92 cm) x 9.3” (23.6 cm) x 3.0” (7.62 cm)


  • Full continuous rated power output.
  • Sealed and potted in aluminum extrusions for the harshest operating environments.
  • Input voltage: 72 to 110 Vdc
  • Output voltage: 16.8 Vdc
  • Output current: 5.5 amps (max)
  • Isolated voltage: 2121 Vdc input to output (Output tied to Chassis)
  • Operates in temperatures from -4°to +104°F (-20° to +40°C)