Flat Surface Mount

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The flat surface mount is designed specifically for the Lind H70/80D cab or other mounting surfaces. It offers easy installation and durability for mounting your computer or device.


4.7 lbs. / 2.13 kg


Height: 1.50" / 3.81 cm
Length: 8.00" / 20.32 cm
Depth: 7.75" / 19.69 cm


  • Designed for the Lind H70/80D forklift with cab.
  • Mounts to the right of the operator.
  • Design allows the forklift's engine to be serviced without removing the computer or mount.
  • Backer plate is included to provide secure fastening points.
  • Compatable with Gamber-Johnson lower poles and motion attachments.
  • Mount will work on other flat surfaces as well.