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About Zirkona Solutions

The Zirkona product line features an innovative encapsulated joiner that allows you to rotate your small, light-weight device (up to 11 lbs depending on the joiner) to any angle.

Smart Products for the Mobile Office

Zirkona’s mounts consist in part of finished products for the installation of computers, PC’s, tablet PC’s or other monitors for mobile units, and in part of installation systems for industrial and many other fields.

Zirkona has also developed a unique encapsulated Joiner, which has a patent pending on the world market; this is available as a component in most of our products and systems.

Joiner System

When installing a PC, Tablet PC or other monitor for mobile units, the Zirkona joiner is a crucial element in why our products lead the market in terms of function, ergonomics and safety. With Zirkona joiner’s agility and flexible mobility, we can offer an installation system for industrial and many other fields.

We have since been able to demonstrate the possibilities within industries such as hospitals and office environments inspires us in our development.