Adjustable Overhead Guard Bar Mount – Tall

MSRP: $261.00

Item Number: 7160-1591-01


Adjustable mount designed with extended height and the flexibility to attach to angled or vertical cross bars on various OEM overhead guards. Positions and secures your device to maximize operator workspace; increase safety and ergonomics.

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  • Weight

    10 lbs / 4.54 kg

  • Height

    14.38 in / 36.53 cm

  • Width

    5 in / 12.7 cm

  • Depth

    4.5 in / 11.43 cm


  • Positions device at the forward most point of the cross bar allowing for a secure and ergonomic position
  • Attaches to angled or vertical forward cross bars, from 0-90 degrees, allowing the mount to attach to  a variety of OEM overhead guards
  • Vertical adjustability allows the end user to position the device to their specific need
  • Updated back plate design allows the mount to be attached between narrow and wide overhead guard grates
  • Allows for flexibility in mounting in different positions overhead
  • Provides ergonomic tilt and swivel options to position your device

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  • Warranty:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Overhead Guard
  • Sub Type 2:

    • Rectangular/Square
    • Roll Form
  • Industry:

    • Material Handling
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson