Fold-Up Tablet and Keyboard Mount

MSRP: $239.00

Item Number: 7160-1445


Keyboard folds up to make a compact tablet keyboard mount option. Mounting the keyboard and tablet keeps them close by ready to use.

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  • Weight

    Weight: 4.25 lbs / 1.93 kg

  • Height

    Height: 9.25 in / 23.5 cm

  • Width

    Width: 6.58 in / 16.71 cm

  • Depth

    Depth: 12.67 in / 32.18 cm


  • Fold-up your keyboard when not in use to make the dock and keyboard mounted compact 
  • Swivel and/or telescope the keyboard and display together for easy viewing and operation 
  • Ratcheting handles (2) for swift adjustment of keyboard and display 
  • Ratcheting handles can also be installed on either side of mount depending on the use case 
  • Keyboard and display can tilt to operater's desired position 
  • Display can tilt to help avoid unwelcome glare 
  • Bottom portion features three (3) 3/8" holes allowing the user different positions to mount on motion device 
  • VESA 75 mm threaded PEMS permits the ability to mount to anything that contains VESA 75 mm holes (i.e. clevis' and universal adapter 7160-0454) 
  • Keyboard contains VESA 75mm, VESA 50mm, AMPS, and NEC hole patterns to accommodate various mountable keyboards 
  • Display features 4 different VESA 75 mm positions to accommodate different size tablet docks and cradles

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  • Warranty:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Keyboard Mount
    • Motion Attachment
  • Sub Type 2:

    • Keyboard Mount
    • Tablet Display
  • Sub Type 3:

    • Adjustable Angle
    • AMPs
    • VESA 75mm
  • Device Type:

    • Tablet
  • Industry:

    • Material Handling
    • Public Safety
    • Utility
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson
  • Notes:

    Compatibility: Works on any motion attachment with 3/8" stud. Keyboard tray works with mountable keyboards, quick-release keyboard tray (7160-0857), and Gamber-Johnson keyboard tray (7160-1470-00)