Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® S1/L1 Tablet Docking Station, No RF – Thick Model

MSRP: $242.00

Item Number: 7160-1314-00


This Panasonic TOUGHBOOK S1/L1 docking station is the perfect match for your S1/L1 computer if you don’t require RF pass-through but will be using the tablet’s rotating hand strap. This dock will also accommodate the tablet’s large battery and bar code reader. The extra room within this dock allows the hand strap to fit into the back of the dock no matter the orientation.

This product is End of Life. Please contact us for service inquiries.

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  • Weight

    1.5 lbs / 0.68 kg

  • Height

    7.21 in / 18.31 cm

  • Width

    7.97 in / 20.24 cm

  • Depth

    3.55 in / 9.01 cm


  • Compatible with the Panasonic L1 and S1 Tablet computer
  • This docking station is designed to accommodate the L1/S1 tablet's rotating hand strap, large battery, and bar code reader (sold separately)
    • Easy to use one-handed operation:
      Insert bottom of computer into the docking station, push top of computer against latch button until latch engages
    • To remove, push up on latch-button with thumb to disengage and pull computer out of the docking station
  • Access to all tablet control buttons and ports while tablet is docked
  • Optional keyed lock for theft deterrence
  • Rear-facing I/O ports, integrated cable restraint and cable management system
  • VESA 75mm and AMPS mounting patterns
  • Rounded edges to enhance personal safety

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  • Warranty:

    • 3-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Extended Warranty/Gamber Guard Options Available
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Dock
  • Device OEM:

    • Panasonic
  • Antenna Pass-through:

    • No RF
  • Port Replicators:

    • External antenna select switch
    • Power supply input DC 5V 1.8A
    • USB 2.0 500mA
  • Power Supply:

    • External LIND power supply cigarette adapter (7300-0444)
    • LIND bare wire power adapter (7300-0443)
  • Testing Specifications:

    • Cycle Tested: Docking connector; latching and locking mechanisms. 30,000 cycles
    • Environmental Testing: High/Low Temperature; Operational/Storage; Thermal Shock
    • MIL-STD 810G Shock & Vibration Tested
    • Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Certified
  • Device Type:

    • Tablet
  • Industry:

    • Fire/Rescue
    • Public Safety
    • Utility
  • Port Replication:

    • Full
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson