Retrofit Hook Kit for the Dell Latitude Rugged Laptop Docking Station

MSRP: $92.00

Item Number: 7110-1385


Designed to modify previous versions (Rev “A”-“N”) of Dell Latitude docking stations to accommodate the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged (Model 5430) and 14 Rugged Extreme (Model 7330) computers. The hooks in this kit replace existing hooks on the docking station; once installed; the docking station will only accommodate the new 5430 and 7330 computer models. This solution is ideal for fleets that utilize Rev “A”-“N” docking stations and are upgrading computers to the Dell Latitude 5430 or 7330 models.

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  • Compatibility solution without modifying the computer¬†
  • Upgrade your docking stations to be compatible with the new Dell Latitude 5430 and 7330 model computers.
  • A simple solution to quickly upgrade your fleet while saving installation time

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  • Warranty:

    • 3-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Device OEM:

    • Dell
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson