Samsung XCover 5 Charging Cradle with Zirkona Suction Cup Mount

MSRP: $124.00

Item Number: 7170-0910


Bundle your Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Charging Cradle with the Zirkona Small Suction Cup and Zirkona Medium 2-Down Joiner with Brake for an ergonomic solution.

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  • Weight

    2.72 lbs / 1.23 kg

  • Height

    13 in / 33.02 cm

  • Width

    9.98 in / 25.35 cm

  • Depth

    1.5 in / 3.81 cm


  • Designed for the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 smartphone without accessories
  • 10-40V power input range to support a wide range of mobile applications
  • Cradle allows access to all control buttons and camera while docked
  • Charging Cradle design is compatible with Samsung’s built-in barcode scanner using the onboard camera and long and short-range RFID reading capabilities which are optimized for fast, accurate data transmission 
  • Dock and undock with simple, one-handed operation:
    • Insert the bottom of the smartphone into the cradle, rotate the phone back, pressing until the latch snaps over the top of the phone
    • To remove, press up on the release button until the latch clears the top of the phone, rotate the phone forward and pull it away from the cradle
  • POGO pin connector and internal power supply provides fast-charge to the Samsung phone while docked
  • Features an integrated cigarette lighter adapter
  • Dock features an AMPS mounting pattern which is Zirkona compatible
  • The included Zirkona suction cup mount is a strong but temporary solution with no drilling required
  • Medium two-down joiner holds up to 6 lbs making it suitable for a wide array of devices in a single mount
  • Suction Cup features strong suction with newly redesigned material ensuring a stable and reliable base
  • Kit Includes:

    • Zirkona Medium 2-Down Joiner with Brake (7110-1259)
    • Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Charging Cradle with Cigarette Lighter Connector (7160-1625-20)
    • Small Zirkona Suction Cup (19753)
    • Zirkona Round Plate - Device or Base Plate (14144)

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  • Model:

    • XCover 5
  • Warranty:

    • 1-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Dash Mount
  • Device OEM:

    • Samsung
  • Testing Specifications:

    • MIL-STD 810G Shake/Vibration
    • SAE J1455 Crash Tested
  • Industry:

    • Public Safety
    • Utility
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson