Wire Chase Cover for Ford PI Utility Short Console Box

MSRP: $38.00

Item Number: 7160-0933


Designed to work with the Ford PI Utility Short Console Box (item no. 7160-0916) and the Ford “Rear Console Plate” option. */

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  • Weight

    Weight: 0.5 lbs. (0.23 kg)

  • Height

    Height: 2.52" (6.4 cm)

  • Width

    Width: 8.91" (22.6 cm)

  • Depth

    Depth: 5.50" (14.0 cm)


Black powder coat finish for maximum corrosion resistance. Plate protects the wiring between the Gamber-Johnson vehicle specific console box and the Ford rear console plate. Chase secures to the console box rear mounting points and to the Ford rear console plate.

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  • Warranty:

    • Do Not Use
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Console System
  • Sub Type 2:

    • Wire Chase Cover
  • Device OEM:

    • Ford
  • Industry:

    • Public Safety
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson