Zebra L10 Tablet Vehicle Cradle (No electronics)

MSRP: $227.00

Item Number: 7110-1292


This Zebra L10 Tablet vehicle cradle is a simple cradle for the Zebra L10 tablet without port replication or charging capabilities. This cradle will securely hold your L10 tablet and safely lock it.

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  • Weight

    2.07 lbs / 0.94 kg

  • Height

    9.7 in / 24.7 cm

  • Width

    11.8 in / 30.1 cm

  • Depth

    2.99 in / 7.6 cm


  • Compatible with the Zebra L10 XSLATE L10 slate tablet, and XPAD hard-handle tablet and the L10 extended battery, Smart Card/CAC Reader module, True Serial (RS232) module, Hard handle, Soft handle, and Shoulder Strap.
  • Compatible with the Gamber-Johnson L10 Docking Station Module for WINDOWS and Android (7160-1321-01 / 7160-1453-01) which converts the cradle into a docking station with full port replication
  • Works with the Zebra L10 tablet vehicle dock/cradle - RF module (7110-1293)
  • “Grab and Go” latching design allows for quick, one-handed tablet undocking
  • This rugged, lightweight vehicle cradle withstands the bumps and turns of the road while keeping the tablet steady for navigational use
  • VESA 100mm, 50 x 100MM, AMPS, NEC mounting patterns

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  • Model:

    • L10
  • Warranty:

    • 3-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Extended Warranty/Gamber Guard Options Available
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Cradle
  • Device OEM:

    • Zebra
  • Antenna Pass-through:

    • No RF
  • Device Type:

    • Tablet
  • Industry:

    • Fire/Rescue
    • Material Handling
    • Public Safety
    • Utility
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson