6" Locking Slide Arm: VESA 75mm & Gamber-Johnson Hole Pattern

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Place your computer in a variety of ergonomic positions
The versatile 6” Locking Slide Arm motion attachment can be mounted to any upper pole, complete pole, low profile bracket, center pole or directly to any flat surface. The motion attachment is capable of rotating 360° allowing for maximum flexibility in computer placement and can tilt up to 90° fore, allowing the computer mount to be used as a tablet if desired. By simply pulling the front lever out, rotating to the desired position and then releasing the lever, the arm is easily rotated. 


Any Upper Pole, Complete Pole, Low Profile Brackets, Center Pole, or directly to any flat surface.


Yes - up to 90° fore / 26° aft


Motion Attachment - 360°.
Entire arm - 360° can lock at every 15°.


Yes - up to 5.5" fore/aft


4.9 lbs. / 2.2 kg


Height: 4.6” / 11.7 cm
Width: 7.2” / 18.4 cm
Depth: 9.4” / 23.9 cm


  • The entire arm can rotate around 360° with locking points at every 15°
  • To rotate the arm simply pull the front lever out, rotate to desired position and then release the lever
  • Locking slide arm can slide up to 5.5” (13.97 cm) from the center of the pole
  • Motion Attachment:
    • New Motion Attachment works with the follow hole patterns:
      • VESA 75mm
      • Gamber-Johnson 2x4
      • NEC
      • AMPS
    • Tilt capabilities:
      • 90° forward allows for tablets to be easily mounted
      • 26° aft movement
      • Riveted design allows for smoother tilt movement
    • Swivel capabilities: 360°
  • Can be mounted directly to a flat surface or on any Upper Pole, Complete Pole, Center Pole, Low Profile Bracket or Smiley Face Pattern
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for long-term durability
  • Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Limited lifetime warranty