Honeywell MP Compact 4 Mark III Thermal Protective Cover

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Keep your printer safe. This cover features revolutionary technology that keeps your printer warm in cross dock and freezing environments. It encases the printer and has a thermal pad heater connected to a thermostat that begins regulating heat around the cover if the outside ambient temperature is below 40°F (4.4°C). The cover is also water, dust, and UV resistant, so your printer is protected as you go from a freezer into a wet or dry dusty environment.

A power supply (item no. 7400-0002 or 7400-0003) is required to support the function of the cover. 


1.5 lbs. / 0.7 kg


Height: 7.5” / 19.1 cm
Width: 9.5” / 24.1 cm
Depth: 14.5” / 36.8 cm


  • Materials are water, UV, and dust resistant
  • Activates when temperatures reach below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 Celsius)
  • Provides consistent temperature to maintain printer functionality
  • Easy access to paper feed
  • Conforms with 4" and 6" (10.2 cm and 15.2 cm) paper rolls
  • Velcro seals tight around cables and cords
  • Includes Gamber-Johnson compatible printer bracket
  • Tested in a -20°F (-29°C) environment
  • 1 year limited warranty