Kit: Wide Body Console with Cup Holder, Pocket, Armrest and 6" Locking Slide Arm

Shipping - An order of 25 or less usually ships in 3 days

Kit includes:

  • Wide body console box (item no. 7160-0894)
  • Internal cup holder (item no. 7160-0846)
  • 6-inch locking slide arm (item no. 7160-0500)


37.36 lbs / 16.9 kg


Height: 15.47 in / 39.3 cm
Width: 11.83 in / 30.1 cm
Depth: 25.75 in / 65.4 cm


  • Low profile, universal console with sloped front mounting area
  • Designed to work with top plate/tunnel plate and leg kits
  • Two 12 volt plug knockouts, located on passenger side wall of console box and one knockout for switches, dual USB power ports, battery voltage display, data/mic jack or USB/AUX input module extension
  • PEM’s for mounting mic clip (item no. 7120-0723) on both sides
  • Side vented openings for air flow or mounting a speaker inside the console box.
  • PEM’s on back of console box for mounting external cup holder (item no. 7160-0847) and armrest (7160-0429) or printer armrest (item no. 7160-0430)
  • Front plate of console underneath the dash area has placement for a power distribution block or Lind shut‐down timer using pre‐configured mounted holes
  • Computer can be center mounted either off‐set towards the passenger on the “smiley face pattern” or on the 3‐bolt pattern closer to the driver for easy articulation access
  • Fully welded construction for long term product life span
  • 3 faceplates and 3 filler panels are included
  • Box ships fully assembled (except for accessories)

Horizontal, low profile section:

  • Has a consistent mounting space height of 11.5". The included cup holder uses 4.5" (11.43 cm) of that space
  • Designed to house full-sized devices and accessories
  • Has additional side mounting area of 2-inch that will accommodate the pocket (item no. 7160-0924), 2-inch faceplate for switches or power ports or a smaller device

Vertical, angled sections: