Lind 11-16V Automobile Cigarette Power Adapter for Panasonic

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Provide regulated power to your computer. The Lind Automobile Power Adapter powers your computer and charges its internal battery from a DC power source to supply regulated power to your computer. The rugged design of the Lind power adapters makes them ideally suited for use in harsh mobile environments. 


0.85 lbs. (0.39 kg)


1.10" (2.79 cm) H x 5.4" (13.72 cm) W x 3.1" (7.87 cm) D


  • Power surge protection and power input regulator.
  • Rugged design for dust, moisture and high humidity.
  • Sealed and potted in aluminum extrusions for the harshest environments.
  • Cigarette adapter version.
  • 11 to 16 VDC input voltage.
  • 15.6 VDC output voltage.
  • 3 year warranty by Lind