Zirkona Medium Joiner 4" (100mm) Kit with Round Plates

Shipping - An order of 25 or less usually ships in 3 days

Maximum weight capacity:

  • Vibration environment - Joiner holds up to 6 lbs. (2.8kg)
  • Static environment - Joiner holds up to 33 lbs (15kg)

Warning: Extension tube will lower the overal payload rating of the joiner. The longer the extension, the lower the overall rating for the joiner.

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Package includes:

Medium Joiner, 100mm Extension and Thread Adapter, and two Round Plates (has NEC and AMPS hole patterns)


1.05 lbs. / 0.5 kg


Height: 9.64" / 24.4cm
Width: 3.38" / 8.6 cm
Diameter: 2.38" / 6.1 cm


  • All metal construction (anodized aluminum) will not deform or degrade
  • Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Extension tube for extra height off mounting surface
  • All axes range of motion in X axis (left/right), Y axis (front/back) and Z axis (up/down)
  • Quick adjust handle for easy adjustment to position device
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


To configure your complete solution, you must order a Device Plate and a Base Plate.

  • Device Mounting Plate: 
    •  75mm VESA plate (Item No. 14139
    •  100mm VESA plate (Item No. 14140
    •  Round plate (Item No. 14144)
  • Base Plate: 
    •  Round plate (Item No. 14144)  
    •  Quick Release Round plate (Item No. 14146)