NotePad™ V-LT Universal Computer Cradle

Shipping - An order of 25 or less usually ships in 3 days


Pre-drilled, threaded holes align with any Gamber-Johnson Motion Attachment. Multiple mounting holes allows the computer mount to be off set to avoid other equipment, if necessary

Width Adjustable:

Yes - adjusts to computer widths from 8.2” (20.8 cm) - 11.8” (30.0 cm)

Depth Adjustable:

Yes - adjusts to computer depths from 7.6” (19.3 cm) - 9.3” (23.7 cm)

Thickness Adjustable:

Yes - adjusts to computer thickness (measured with screen open) from 0” - 1.5” (3.8 cm)


5.50 lbs. / 2.5 kg


Height: 1.6" (4.1 cm)
Width: 9.6" (24.4 cm) to 13.2" (33.5 cm)
Depth: 9.5" (24.1 cm)


  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction for long-term durability
  • NotePad™ V-LT is designed to be used with small computers such as netbooks or tablets
  • Slim form design provides low mounting capability
  • Special “flanged” side clip design provides superior strength and can be easily adjusted they:
    • are “one-size-fi ts-all”, work with most computers
    • feature T-molded polycarbonate covers that hold clips in place during installation for easy height adjustment
  • Reversible front and back supports adjust to accommodate varying depths of computers
  • Rear support brace is gusseted for added restraint
  • 90 degrees wing turn closure latch
    • allows for fast initial size adjustment
    • allows for quick computer insertion and removal
    • has built-in heavy duty key lock (keyed alike)
  • Molded polycarbonate end caps ensure that the computer is level when in the cradle
  • Sliding mounting bar on the bottom allows for multiple positions for offset capabilities when used with a the Motion Attachment
  • Can be used with optional accessories (Screen Support, LED Light and Microphone Clip)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty