Panasonic Toughbook 30/31 Docking Station (Single RF, Automatic Lock)

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Our Best is now Better than ever!!  Gamber-Johnson's docking station for the Panasonic Toughbook 31 is much smaller and lighter than our previous model. We’ve also added new features like an Improved Interlocking Button.

Note: The True Ethernet is not compatible with a Toughbook 30 computer

Antenna pass-through:

Single RF (TNC)

Locking Type:

Automatic Lock - automatically locks when the computer is docked. The lock must be unlocked with key to release the handle and undock the computer. Lock is keyed alike.


4.50 lbs.


3.90”H x 12.40”W x 12.30”D


  • Compatible with Toughbook 30 & 31 computers
  • Panasonic electronics
  • Light-weight composite/Steel design
  • Interlock mechanism protects against connector damage & prevents engagement until properly mounted
  • Floating dock connector for easy docking activation
  • Forward facing ports for low mounting capability
  • Simple, one-handed, docking mechanism:
    • Pull side handle forward to dock
    • Unlock the key button to release and undock computer
  • Side LED indicator light can be used to troubleshoot in the field:
    • Green: All ports are ready to use
    • Orange: USB and LAN ports not functioning or external power is not connected
    • Red: PC is not supported or connection is not made
    • Red (Blinking): Error has occurred in firmware, contact Panasonic Technical Support
    • Not Lit: PC not installed or PC is Off , Standby or Hibernation

Certificates & Testing:

  • Panasonic Toughbook Certified
  • MIL-STD 810G
    • Operational Vibration Method 514.6, Procedure 1
    • Non-operational Vibration Method 514.6, Category 24
    • Non-operational Vibration (Sinusoidal) - 10‐200Hz Sine Sweep
    • Non-operational Mechanical Shock safety Method 516.6, Procedure 1, 3 positive and 3 negative pulses each axis
    • Shock Crash Hazard - SAE J1455, 20G, 135 ms.
    • EMC Testing - EN 55022 (CISPR 22), EN 50498
  • Cycle Testing Non-operational - 10,000 cycles of the docking connector, latching and locking mechanisms
  • CE, FCC, RoHS compliant

Port Replicators:

  • Serial (2) D-sub - 9 pin
  • Singlel Antenna Pass-Through TNC
  • Ethernet (2)
    • USB Ethernet RJ45
    • True Ethernet* RJ45
  • USB 2.0 (5) - 4 pin
  • External video D-sub - 15 pin
  • Headphones/speakers Stereo phono jack
  • Microphone Mono phono jack


  • 3 year limited warranty (printed circuit board, docking connector)
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all non-electronic components (sheet metal)
  • Optional 4 and 5 year extended warranty available


  • Integrated 120W LIND power supply kit (Item No. 7160-0496). Upgrade non-powered docks.
  • External 120W LIND power supply (Item No. 14103)
  • Lind low-profile adjustable shutdown timer (Item No. 13792)
  • Screen Support (Item No. 7160-0501)
  • LED light assembly (Item No. 7160-0096)
  • Trunk shelf mounting plate (Item No. 7160-0398)