Standard-Adjustable Upper Pole 5.0" Tall x 5.8" Depth

Shipping - An order of 25 or less usually ships in 3 days

Standard-Adjustable Upper Pole 5.8" Depth upper tube assembly for any vehicle base with a welded pole

*Key Dimension - Determines How Far Equipment Extends Away From Pole


Inserts into: - Any Gamber-Johnson Lower Tube - Vehicle Base that has a welded lower tube

Height Adjustability:

Allows 0.38” - 2.76” adjustment above lip of Lower Tube


2.20 lbs. / 1.0 kg


Height: 5.0" / 12.7 cm 
Width: 3.5" /  8.9 cm
Depth: 5.8" / 14.7 cm (*Determines how far equipment extends away from pole)


  • Heavy gauge steel construction for long-term durability
  • Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Any Motion Attachment can be mounted on top of the Upper Pole
  • Wrench is needed for left/right rotational adjustments and height adjustments
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty