Tablet Display Mount Kit: Quad-Motion TS5 and Keyboard Tray

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Display kit includes:

  • Tablet display mount (item 7160-0494)
  • Quad-motion TS5 (item 7160-0285)
  • Quick release keyboard tray for use with motion attachment (item 7160-0498)


Display can be tilted down 160° away from the dash


Display can be swiveled 60° right/60° left


12.0 lbs.


8.38" to 10.25" H x 12.88 W x 11.18" D
(Entire mounting system will determine overall height)


  • The Tablet Display Mount Kit can be placed on any Gamber-Johnson Upper Pole or “smiley face” pattern found on a MCS Console System (ordered separately) allowing flexibility in how you want to adapt the tablet in a vehicle.
  • Display Mount can be used with any tablet or tablet docking station that has an AMPS, NEC, Gamber-Johnson or VESA 75 mm hole pattern.
  • Display Mount can easily be tilted down 160° away from the dashboard. The downward tilt helps provide easy access to the controls on the instrument panel.
  • Display Mount can be swiveled 60° right/60° left for optimal viewing positioning.
  • Display Mount is height adjustable to accommodate the various sizes of tablet computers and docking stations.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Heavy gauge steel construction for long-term durability.
  • Black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance.