Adjustable Angle Mount for Semi-Trucks

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The Adjustable Angle Mount for Semi-Trucks is designed to provide a close-to-dash mounting option that will allow for adjusing the tablet to an angle comfortable for the driver and support the ELD tablet, phone, telematics unit, or other devices.


2lbs / 0.91 kg


Width: 5.67" / 14.4 cm
Depth: 5.00" / 12.7 cm
Height: 2.36" / 6.0 cm


  • Designed to be drilled directly into the dash 
  • Comes with a back plate for reinforcement of the mount to the dash
  • Provides tilt capabilities to easily adjust your tablet or device and give drivers comfort and ease of viewing
  • Perfect for light-weight tablets or phone mounts
  • AMPs hole pattern to coordinate with many mounting options
  • Note: Volvo Switch Pocket Dash Mount (item no. 7160-1177) or the International LT Dash Mount (item no. 7160-1243) can be used in place of the Tilting Dash Mount (item no. 7160-1262) for attaching solution onto a dash


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Complete Your Solution:

This solution can be used in conjunction with a Zirkona semi-truck mount below.

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