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Zirkona Solutions

The Zirkona product line features an innovative encapsulated joiner that allows you to rotate your small, light-weight device (up to 11 lbs depending on the joiner) to any angle.

Why should a laptop be mounted?

There are several arguments for why laptops should be mounted in the vehicles. The effect of mobile working can bring a great efficiency for both small and large companies which often lead to increased profitability. Flexible mobile workstations can cause both long and short-term risks. It is therefore important to do everything possible to reduce these risks and not let the pursuit of profitability provide a bitter aftertaste.

Below we have listed some arguments why stands from Zirkona Sweden can be profitable for most companies in both long and short term.

The fourth phase of a collision

A collision is usually divided into three phases.

  1. Vehicle collision - Vehicles are designed to best protect the occupants.
  2. The human collision - Driver and passenger continues in the vehicle's direction until the seat belt stops.
  3. The internal collision - The internal organs continues in the vehicle's direction until they hit bone, skull, etc.
  4. Loose objects - Loose objects are thrown around inside the vehicle and brings a high risk of injury.

Loose objects

The increasing use of screens and laptops in vehicles brings additional risks for human injury in a collision. Driving with a laptop lying loose inside the vehicle could bring a high risk for injuries.

The chart below shows the weight of common objects in a collision.

Item Normal weight 50 km/h 100 km/h
iPad 600g 24kg 96kg
PC 10" 600g 24kg 96kg
PC 15" 2200g 88kg 352kg
Toughbook 14" 4000g 100kg 640kg

The effective mobile office

With new technology and the ever-increasing opportunities to work mobile order blocks or files are no longer needed. More and more companies see benefits in being able to handle reporting, order entry, invoicing, etc already out in the field.

The opportunities to streamline both small and large companies are huge.

A mobile office requires a laptop or monitor, which it is important that it can be handled in an efficient and problem free way. With a Zirkona mount, vehicles are quickly and easily upgraded to a mobile office that can help businesses become more efficient and profitable.

Ergonomic workplace

Mobile working can save a lot of time and increase profitability. But if the work is performed in an ergonomically incorrect position the long-term effect could be increased costs and reduced profitability due to sick staff.

It is therefore important that mobile workers get opportunity to do the job in the best possible way. Zirkona mounts are easily adapted for every worker preferences.

The unique flexibility makes it possible to quickly adapt the workplace so that the driver has an ergonomically correct working position.