December 13, 2013

The electronic products listed below are no longer serviced/supported by Gamber-Johnson

Gamber-Johnson will service electronic products up to 5 years after the product is End-of-Life (EOL).  This is however, dependent on OEM availability of electronic components.     

Product Number Description EOS Date
7110-0685 Special CF29 Docking Station 12/23/2012
7160-0004 USB / Ethernet Hub 12/31/2013
7160-0011-XX Itronix IX270 Vehicle Docking Stations 11/01/2012*
7160-0021-XX CF19 Steel Docking Station (all versions) 08/01/2013*
7160-0027-XX series Panasonic CF30 Docking Station 02/25/2013
7160-0029,  7170-0003 / 0005 Motorola ML 910 High Tier Docking Station 02/01/2013
7160-0030,  7170-0004 / 0006 Motorola ML 910 Mid Tier Docking Station 02/01/2013
7160-0031 Motorola ML 910 Office Docking Station 02/01/2013
7160-0119/0120-XX Series Panasonic CF30 MAG™ Docking Station 02/25/2013
7160-0127-XX Getac B300 (Steel docking stations) 08/31/2013*
7160-0143-XX  & -0144-XX MAG Pandock (all versions) 11/09/2012
7160-0205-XX MAG Pandock 09/09/2012
7160-0225-XX Series Panasonic CF30 MAG™ Docking Station 02/25/2013
7160-0227-XX MAG Pandock Docking Station (all versions) 12/31/2013
7170-0007/0008-XX Series Panasonic CF30 MAG™ Docking Station w/ factory installed power 02/25/2013
DDN 7412A,C Motorola ML900 Office Dock 02/01/2013
DDN 7496A Motorola ML850 Dock (Standard Tier) 07/20/2011
DDN 7496A SU Motorola ML850 High Tier with Upside Down Handle 07/20/2011
DDN 7501A SU Motorola ML900 High Tier Dock With Upside Down Handle 02/01/2013
DDN 7501A,B,C Motorola ML900 High Tier Dock 02/01/2013
DDN 7502A,B,C Motorola ML900 Mid Tier Dock 02/01/2013
DDN 7506A Motorola ML 900 Low Tier Docking Station 02/01/2013
DDN 7508A Motorola ML850 Low Tier Dock 02/01/2013
NP-CF18-XXXXX CF18 docking station (all versions) 06/30/2011
NP-Pandock-ALL Steel NP-Pandock (all versions) 09/30/2013*

* Limited electronic service available, please contact Gamber-Johnson service for availability.

Periodically, Gamber-Johnson will discontinue technical support and service for products, this can occur if replacement parts are no longer available or when the cost of replacement parts or repairs is higher than the cost of a new item.  In some instances, components needed for repairs are dependent on OEM availability (example: electronic components used in docking stations) and replacement parts are dependent on their product offering.

Gamber-Johnson is committed to making the transition from such products to new offerings as simple as possible for our customers.  Gamber-Johnson will continue to provide technical support and service for a product up until the EOS date (based on warranty).  In the event that a product or its parts are no longer available during the warranty period, Gamber-Johnson will replace the item with a comparable product if available.

If you have an item on the list above, please contact our Gamber-Johnson Sales Team at 1-888-515-0072 and ask if there is a new replacement product available.