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Quality, innovation, and honesty: these are our objectives. Customer satisfaction is both our goal and our company success story. We are a dependable, reliable, and prestigious brand you can trust.

Gamber-Johnson started out simply, making wooden hi-fi radio consoles and furniture to house stereo components. Now, 60 years later, we make top-quality tablet and laptop car mounts and other devices. We have made it our mission to provide superior value to our customers. We accomplish this goal by continually introducing new and innovative products and by going beyond customers’ expectations.

We offer a wide range of products, customizable to meet any need. Regardless of the intended application, each of our products must meet our exacting standards for quality and durability before we will bring it to market. Here is a brief overview of our product line:

  • Our vehicle bases and poles are the foundation of our mounting systems. These bases are customized to specific types and models of vehicles.
  • Our motion attachment systems give you the ability to put your gear in exactly the orientation you need and lock it in position.
  • Docking stations allow you to connect a car laptop mount or specific computers or tablets and provide both a secure mount and electric power.
  • The Mission Control System integrate computers, radios, lighting, power and auxiliary controls into one sleek package.
  • Forklift and vehicle laptop mounts keep all information a warehouse worker might need at his or her fingertips, to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  • Military applications must meet the highest standards for durability and reliability. Our products are designed not just to meet these standards but to exceed your expectations.

To do your job, you need every member of your team to give 100 percent. You cannot afford to waste time with partners who can’t pull their weight. We want to be a member of your team and will work hard to earn your respect and trust. We do this by maintaining impeccable standards for quality. No product leaves our factory until we are satisfied with its durability. Our engineering staff is constantly searching for ways to improve our existing products and build new products to meet emerging needs.

Take a look at our catalog to see all the innovative products we offer, then contact us and let us design a solution that will do everything you ask of it and more. Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and we will keep working until we meet that goal. With Gamber-Johnson, you will always be well connected.