2011+ Dodge Charger Close-To-Dash Mount

MSRP: $358.00

Item Number: 7160-0820


The Dodge Charger Close-To-Dash mount is an accessory for a Gamber-Johnson console box. It attaches to the sides of your console box, surrounds your electronics, and places your tablet, display or other devices at a comfortable viewing height. The mount is sleek and small so you can easily access both your tablet and electronics. Works with vehicle specific Gamber-Johnson console boxes, current and previous style chargers.

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  • Weight

    6.59 lbs. / 3.0 kg

  • Height

    11.25" / 28.6 cm

  • Width

    7.25" / 18.4 cm

  • Depth

    5.38" / 13.7 cm


  • Fully welded construction for long term product life span
  • Low profile, ergonomic, no-drill vehicle specific mount
  • Works with tablets and convertible laptops docking stations
  • Mounts to the top of Gamber-Johnson Console Box (7160-0353 and Dodge Charger Console kits)
  • Mounts using the two side bolts for the console box top plate and uses the “Smile Face” pattern
  • Allows use of the “Smile Face” Pattern and 3-Bolt Hole Pattern for use with motion device for keyboard separate from the Tablet or convertible computer
  • Allows for viewing of the device from both drive and passenger seat - about 90° of Rotation - with one hand
  • 3 inch link allows for movement and proper placement of device mounted on the clevis
  • Allows for complete access of the dash control on the vehicle
    Clevis features the 75 VESA Hole Pattern

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  • Warranty:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Dash Mount
  • Sub Type 2:

    • Close-To-Dash Mount
  • Device OEM:

    • Dodge
  • Placement:

    • Location: Anchors directly to your Dodge Charger console box for stability
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson
  • Vehicle Compatibility:

    • Dodge
      • Charger - 2011-2024
  • Notes:

    Keyboard options available (sold separately): 

    • Quick Release Keyboard Tray (7160-0757) 
    • Mongoose 9" Locking Slide Arm (7160-0220) 
    • 6" Locking Slide Arm (7160-0500) 


    • 2011+ Dodge Charger