2020-2025 Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Full Transport Replacement Seat with Cargo Poly Partition

MSRP: $2,476.00

Item Number: 7170-1084-03


Gamber-Johnson’s Full Transport Seats provide a safe and hygienic alternative to protect the life of patrol vehicles. Maximize space for easy detainee transport and eliminate gaps and crevices where contraband may otherwise be hidden. Fits seamlessly with Gamber’s passenger partition for quick installation. 

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  • Weight

    100 lbs / 45.36 kg

  • Height

    16 in / 40.64 cm

  • Width

    42 in / 106.68 cm

  • Depth

    60 in / 152.4 cm


  • No detainee reach around - center pull, auto-retracting seat belt system *seatbelts included with purchase
  • Molded seat back recess & contoured design maximizes space for ease of transport
  • Laboratory tested to meet 210 FMVSS seat belt safety standards
  • TPO polymer - shatter, flame and chemical resistant, exceeds NHSTA regulations
  • Fast install - OEM mounting points, no vehicle drilling required
  • Gamber-Johnson Partition is required for install
  • Kit Includes:

    • 2020-2025 Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Full Transport Replacement Seat (7170-1084-01)
    • 2020-2025 Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Cargo Partition- Poly (7160-1387-01)

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  • Sub Type 1:

    • Seat
  • Warranty:

    • 3-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Industry:

    • Public Safety
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson