VoltVault Shut Down Timer

MSRP: $88.00

Item Number: 7300-0409


VoltVault provides a winning combination of customizable features, reliable performance, and durability. Experience unparalleled 
convenience and efficiency with VoltVault; a shutdown timer that’s meticulously engineered to provide seamless automation, precise 
control, and unmatched reliability, setting a new standard for power management solutions. All of this is provided by the people you 
trust to power your devices, Lind Electronics.

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  • Weight

    0.5 lbs / 0.23 kg

  • Height

    7 in / 17.78 cm

  • Width

    4 in / 10.16 cm

  • Depth

    2 in / 5.08 cm


  • Low voltage shut down to protect battery
  • High voltage shut down to protect loads
  • Loads up to 20 ADC
  • Reverse polarity protected 
  • Automatic actviation by sensing the battery voltage (battery not charging = Timer ON)
  • Optional activation by ignition switch connection (ignition OFF = Timer ON)
  • Optional alarm output
  • LED indication of ON and Timing
  • Protected against automotive load dump
  • Screw terminal connections
  • Black PC/ABS Case with mounting flanges

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  • Warranty:

    • 3-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Industry:

    • Fire/Rescue
    • Material Handling
    • Public Safety
    • Utility
  • Brand:

    • Lind