Zebra ET51/56 10″ SLIM Charging Cradle w/External LIND 70-110 VDC Isolated Power Adapter

MSRP: $887.00

Item Number: 7170-0873-70


Gamber-Johnson’s Zebra ET51/56 Tablet Charging Cradle will keep your ET51/56 computer charged all day long; This kit includes a LIND 70-110VDC isolated power adapter. Now shipping.

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  • Weight


  • Height


  • Width

    11.72 in

  • Depth

    3.06 in


  • Designed for the Zebra ET51/56 10" rugged tablet computer with rugged frame 
  • This cradle does not accommodate ET51/56 accessories 
  • Front camera on ET5X accessible when the tablet is in the cradle 
  • Compatible with Windows or Android operating systems 
  • Access to all control buttons and ports while the tablet is safely docked 
  • Guide pins prevent damage to the charging pins when cradling the tablet 
  • Powered POGO pins transfer power to the Zebra tablet (requires external power adapter) 
  • Composite/aluminum design for reduced weight and extended durability 
  • Designed with rounded edges to enhance personal safety 
  • Keyed lock for security and theft deterrence 
  • Forward facing docking latch/release for easy one-handed operation: 
    • Insert bottom of Zebra tablet into the cradle and push top of the tablet until the lock engages 
    • To remove; lift latch to disengage and pull computer out of cradle 
  • VESA 75 mm and AMPS mounting patterns; compatible with Gamber-Johnson's Zirkona mounting products

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  • Warranty:

    • 3-year Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Extended Warranty/Gamber Guard Options Available
  • Sub Type 1:

    • Docking Kit
  • Device OEM:

    • Zebra
  • Brand:

    • Gamber-Johnson