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Close-To-Dash Mount for Full Size Trucks and SUVs

MSRP $311.00
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Shipping — An order of 25 or less usually ships in 72 hours. Approximate lead time given at order entry.


  • Fully welded construction for long term product life span
  • Low profile, ergonomic, no-drill vehicle specific mount
  • Works with tablets and convertible laptops docking stations
  • Mounts to the top of Gamber-Johnson console box (7160-0894, 7160-0896, 7160-0899, 7160-0911, 7160-09707170-0829-01 console boxes and their related kits)
  • Mounts to Gamber-Johnson Mobile Workstation Radio Platforms (7170-0581-03, 7170-0581-04, 7170-0566, 7170-0563-03, 7170-0563-04, 7170-0125-01
  • Mounts using the two side bolts for the console box top plate and uses the 3-hole pattern
  • Allows use of the 3-hole pattern and 3-bolt hole pattern for use with motion device for keyboard separate from the tablet or convertible computer
  • Allows for viewing of the device from both drive and passenger seat - about 90° of rotation - with one hand
  • 3 inch link allows for movement and proper placement of device mounted on the clevis
  • Allows for complete access of the dash control on the vehicle 

Note: Does not work with other manufacture's console boxes.