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Introducing the Single Sku Police Car

Gamber-Johnson is proud to partner with leading manufactures in the public sector market to bring you a comprehensive and convenient vehicle solution in one single sku. The Single Sku Police Car bundle reduces product lead times by eliminating the need for multiple orders while also offering financing options, making it easier than ever to acquire all of the products needed to complete a large install. Explore the available single sku solutions below. 


Aluminum Push Bumper with Light Bar and Side Light Brackets (7170-0736-06)

Dual Weapon Gun Mount (7160-1097-02)

Low Profile Console Box (7160-1446)

Steel Window Bars (7160-1411)


Passenger Partition (7170-0974)

Mesh Cargo Partition (7160-1387-02)

Flip-Up Trunk Tray (7160-1480)



Bundle Includes
7170-0936-XX Description
Console Box (7160-1446) Kit  2020+ Ford Police Interceptor® Utility Low-Profile Console Box, Cup Holder, Rear Armrest, and Magnetic Phone Holder
7170-0736-06 Aluminum Push Bumper with Light Bar and Side Light Brackets 
7160-1480 Flip-Up Gas Assist Trunk Tray 
7160-1097-02 Dual Configuration Gun Mount 
7160-1376 Passenger Partition 
7160-1387-02 Mesh Cargo Partition 
7160-1411 Steel Window Bars 
7160-1594 Window Guard Light Mount 
7300-0562 AFS Power 18 Distribution Block 
Part Number Base Kit Options
7170-0936-00 Base Kit with No Harness 
7170-0936-01 Base Kit with SoundOff Front Node Only Harness (7300-0563)
7170-0936-02 Base Kit with SoundOff Front and Rear Nodes Harness (7300-0564)
7170-0936-03 Base Kit with Whelen Front Node Only Harness (7300-0565)
7170-0936-04 Base Kit with Whelen Front and Rear Nodes Harness (7300-0566)
7170-0936-05 Base Kit with SoundOff 400 Series Harness (7300-0398)



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