Dual Weapon Gun Mount

The gun mounts are a rugged and reliable solution designed to secure your weapons and make it easy to use. The dual channel system lets you adjust the lock heads and butt plates to accommodate most weapon models. In addition, a sliding mounting bracket gives it great adaptability for any horizontal or vertical installation. 

The locking mechanism in the rack includes a switch that can be wired to open the lock with the press of a button. This bypasses the keyed lock and allows weapons to be unlocked quickly, saving officers valuable time in an emergency.


33.0” / 83.8 cm


10.2 lbs. / 4.6 kg


  • The design has extra room to accommodate guns with sights and optics
  • Opening and closing latch allows officers to quickly access their weapons when the situation calls for it
  • Dual channel system allows full adjustability of lock heads and butt plates
  • Sliding mounting brackets provide great adaptability to horizontal or vertical installations
  • Adjustable brackets for flush or offset mounting
  • Fully adaptable, providing versatility of installation to partitions, SUV hatches and/or sedan trunks
  • Coated butt plate for gun stocks protection
  • Universal butt plate fits most weapons
  • Includes two (2) gun locks able to fit most rifles and shotguns
  • Black powdercoat and anodized finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty