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Zirkona Mounting Solutions

A modular, light-weight mounting solution for your tablet or small device

Two-Down Joiners

Increase user flexibility with our new two-down joiners featuring an internal brake system 

Maximum Payload Capacity Guide

Determining the correct sized joiner for your set up is essential for designing the perfect mounting solution for your needs.

Zirkona: A Lightweight and Secure Mounting Solution

Zirkona is a light-duty mounting solution for small tablets, displays, phones and more. Whether a mount is needed in a truck for a 10" tablet or on a patrol boat for a GPS/Sonar unit, Zirkona has the reliable mount for your device.  Our mounts are made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, giving the mount strength and protection from the elements - and it looks great too! Build your mount or pick from one of our ready-to-ship assemblies!

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Building Solutions with Zirkona

Device Plate: Available in several mounting designs for unique device adaption, the device plate securely holds your light-weight device in place to the complete the Zirkona solution.

Joiner: Our unique encapsulated joiner allows users to rotate their small, lightweight devices easily and effortlessly. Available in two styles (traditional and two-down) and three different sizes to give users increased flexibility for a variety of payloads.

Extension and Adapter (Optional Components): Extensions and adapters allow users to build the most desired solution for their needs. Available in a variety of extension lengths and configurations these pieces of the Zirkona product line are the key to customizability.

Base Plate: Our wide variety of base plates gives your Zirkona solution the structural integrity it needs to withstand even the most extreme situations

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Marine Mounts

Our Zirkona marine mounts offer a strong and reliable mount without the bulk. Supporting GPS and sonar brands such as Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance, and Raymarine, our solutions offer the flexibility needed in times of search and rescue or patrolling the waters. Check out our solutions and accessories for your device to get the perfect option for your department's needs.




Zirkona Sales Case

Ensure you have all the most popular Zirkona components on hand to create your own customizable solution for any opportunity that comes your way. This case (Item No. 7160-1200) includes 22 individual Zirkona components to mix, match and build.

  1. Item No. 7110-1240 - VESA 75mm AMPS Assembly
  2. Item No. 14140 - VESA 75mm and 100mm Plate
  3. Item No. 14139 - VESA 75mm Plate
  4. Item No. 14145 - Threaded Adapter
  5. Item No. 7110-1236 - Large Joiner
  6. Item No. 7110-1232 - Suction Cup Mount
  7. Item No. 7110-1259 - Medium 2-Down Joiner with Brake
  8. Item No. 7110-1235 - Medium Joiner
  9. Item No. 7110-1234 - Small Joiner
  10. Item No. 14141 - 2" (50mm) Extension
  11. Item No. 14142 - 4" (100mm) Extension
  12. Item No. 17463 - 12" (300mm) Sleeve
  13. Item No. 7110-1230 - Height-Adjustable Pole
  14. Item No. 14143 - 6" (150mm) Extension
  15. Item No. 7110-1225 - AMPS Quick-Release Plate
  16. Item No. 7110-1226 - Diamond Plate Clamp
  17. Item No. 14144 - AMPS Round Plate
  18. Item No. 7110-1231 - Diamond Plate Pipe Clamp
  19. Item No. 7110-1229 - Chair Rail Mount
  20. Item No. 7110-1228 - Vertical Surface Mount
  21. Item No. 7160-0440 - Surface/Pole Mount
  22. Item No. 17467 - Extension Adapter

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Zirkona Line Card

Zirkona Line Card

Zirkona Line Card 2023
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Zirkona Mounting Solutions Brochure

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Maximum Payload Capacity

Maximum Payload Capacity

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